About Us

ABS Technologies Pvt Ltd is an organization of peoples that changes the view of security. It sets an example of electronic security for humans that can be for home security and commercial security. The ABS Technologies Security System provides a complete safety solution to you and your family through our electronic security advisors into 24x7 by our customer care.

We always work as a team !.

Our Products

ABS Technologies Pvt Ltd Electronic Security Solution makes you, your Family, Relatives, Neighbours and as well as your offices, shops secure. It Provides a happy and safe living to you and your Family through our world-class security products. We provide a variety of Electronic security Products according to your means and needs.

Our range of security products includes:

Why ABS Technologies:
  1. India's most advanced electronic security system which watches and alerts instantly.
  2. Customized options for homes, offices and corporates.
  3. Protection from intrusion, burglary, theft, fire, gas leakage and personal emergencies.
  4. Best after sales service, solving problems as soon as possible at your doorsteps.
  5. Identification of exact point of alarm, easy to expand or upgrade the system.
  6. Unbeatable Customer satisfaction, with our best quality products.

Technical Capabilities & Functionality:

Our technical staff comprising experienced graduate/Diploma engineers is fully trained for handling the installation and after sales support of complex communication and interception types of equipment. Whenever we undertake to supply any new system or to collaborate with a supplier for new systems we lay emphasis on imparting training to our technical staff on equipping them with the tools and test systems required for this purpose.